Roam Free

Since the beginning of beer, the Secret Order Of Bison Brewers roamed the plains of Orléans, at the extreme edges of what is now Eastern Ontario. This majestic, visionary herd moved purposefully and unhindered from place to place in search of the purest water, barley, hops and yeast they could find. These ingredients were used in the creation of a superior malted beverage that not only tasted incredibly good, but also had magical properties that gave anyone who drank it the gift of becoming their authentic, fearless and unapologetic self.

As the Bison Brewers kept watch over the not-so-gentle folk that settled Orléans, they observed early on that there could be no joy in the hearts of the townsfolk until every last person tasted the magical brew that only they could deliver.

And so it was. Orléans Brewing Co. (OBC) and its Innes Road gathering place was born, with shipments of inspired, transforming, bison-brewed beer secretly delivered to this day through an elaborate underground network of tunnels that span the city and continue through Mer Bleue Bog Conservation Area and out to the world, enthusiastically consumed by drinkers who know who they are and follow no one.

We can’t make this stuff up. But bison can.
Orléans Brewing Co. Roam Free.

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Yann Lemieux

chief everything officer/founder

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Q. What inspired you to switch careers to the craft beer industry?
A. I was turning 40 and my wife jokes she chose me a new career before I chose a new wife. Joking aside, it was the right time to make my dream, since the age of 16, come true.

Q. Favourite beer style to drink:
A. Each occasion has its appropriate beer but it needs to be served in the correct glassware.

Q. What is your current go-to beer, other than one of yours?
A. English Bitter from Flora Hall

Q. Favourite country travelled?
A. Scubadiving in Oman

Q. When not at OBC, where can you find Yann?
A. in the OBC van…

Q. Favourite food?
A. Osso Bucco

Q. What’s your favourite chips?
A. Pringles Salt & Vinegar

Eric Saulis

head brewer

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Q. What inspired you to switch careers to the craft beer industry? 
A. I was working in the food industry, and got interested in the relationship between food and beer. 

Q. Favourite beer style to make?
A. Definitely Stouts. I love the mixing of the dark grain in the mash, and the smell of the mash.

Q. What is your current go-to beer, other than one of yours?
A. Labbatt 50   #guiltypleasure.  Nothing like sitting at a dive bar with a quart of 50.

Q. When not at OBC, where can you find Adam?
A. Usually at home with my fiancee Maria and dog Moe. From time to time I will play hockey, at varying degrees of success.

Q. What’s your favourite donut?
A. Like Bob and Doug McKenzie would say, a jelly. Love the jelly filled donuts.

Q. What is something everyone is surprise to know about you?
A.  That I finished my high schooling in Tokyo, Japan.

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Bison Mobile Driver

to each one of you and to all our volunteers,
thank you!

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4380 INNES RD.
(at Tenth Line)
Ottawa (Orléans)
K4A 3W3

Swing around behind BMO and we will be right there.

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