Our mission is to create a superior work environment, where our team members look forward to coming to work and are proud to say that they work for Orléans Brewing Co.
This pride is created through everyone pulling their weight, helping their fellow employees to learn and grow, providing customers with an exceptional dining experience, and genuinely caring about the quality of the food, atmosphere, and service provided.
We believe that our employees are our most important relationship and our success depends upon creating and retaining a capable staff who deliver a great experience—every customer, every time.

Orléans Brewing Co. is an equal opportunity employer. We will not tolerate discrimination based on race, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.
Employment decisions, such as hiring, promotion, compensation, training, and discipline will be made only for legitimate business reasons based upon qualifications and other nondiscriminatory factors.

It is this brewery and taproom’s policy to treat all personnel with dignity and respect and make personnel decisions without regard to race, sex, age, sexual orientation, national origin, religion or disability. We strive to provide everyone with a workplace that is free of harassment of any kind. Employees are encouraged to promptly report incidences of harassment.

All of our employees have a right to be free from sexual harassment. Orléans Brewing Co. does not condone actions, words, jokes or comments that a any person would regard as sexually harassing or coercive. If a claim is substantiated, Orléans Brewing Co. will take immediate and appropriate action, including discipline or training and possible termination.

Consistent with our mission and values, it is important for all employees to be fully aware of the rules that govern our conduct and behavior. In order to work together as a team and maintain an orderly, productive, and positive working environment, everyone must conform to standards of reasonable conduct and policies of the brewery and taproom. An employee involved in any of the following conduct may receive disciplinary action up to and including IMMEDIATE TERMINATION without an oral or written warning.
 • Use of foul or abusive language.
 • Disorderly or indecent conduct.
 • Theft of customer, employee or brewery and taproom property including items found on brewery and taproom premises.
 • Theft, dishonesty or mishandling of brewery and taproom funds. Failure to follow cash, guest check or credit card processing procedures.
 • Refusal to follow procedures or instructions.
 • Engaging in harassment of any kind toward another employee or customer.
 • Use, distribution or possession of illegal drugs on brewery and taproom property or being under the influence of these substances when reporting to work or during work hours.
 • Waste or destruction of brewery and taproom property.
 • Actions or threats of violence or abusive language directed toward a customer or another staff member.
 • Rude or improper behavior with customers or employees including the discussion of tips.