Orléans Brewing Co.

Why the bison?

Trust, resilience and commitment is most important in a herd of bison.

And... Trust, resilience and commitment are definitely important requirements in a cofounder relationship, and that is a given when you are married. So when husband and wife founders, Yann + Celia, dreamt up this chapter, they proved they also had the passion.

Yann - passionate about beer
Celia - passionate about food

Even more than the requirements of a relationship as a herd or mariage, the bison and craft breweries havew so many similar narratives.


The bison species is North America's largest land animal and one of the only animals to survive it.

Settlers period saw the bison diminish from 60 million to barely 1000

They are big, weighing in at up to 2000 lb, and standing up to 6' high.

They are fast and can run up to 35 miles per hour. They’re extremely agile, spinning around quickly, jumping high fences.

They are hugely playfull animals.

United they forge ahead through the storm because they are resilient.


The Prohibition Era kicks in and craft breweries are almost extinct.

Of the 1,392 brewers in operation before Prohibition, only 164 were left after.

Unlike the bison herds, craft breweries are small.
Independent in ownership, we tend to unite like the bison.

Varied brewing techniques are our sign of agility.

Craft breweries put emphasis on enthusiasm and on play with ingredients and friends.

When one brewery needs help, the industry gathers together and supports one another in solidarity against the big guy.